Our Goal

Our Goal

(123) 456-7890

Phone: (123) 456-7890

Our Goal

3481 Melrose Place<br>Beverly Hills, CA 90210<br>
3481 Melrose Place<br>Beverly Hills, CA 90210<br>

To combine truthful lock companies with consumers. We are a low cost advertising alternative compared to other search engines. This allows our locksmiths to offer you a better value. All of our listings are verified, meeting stringent business standards. (See Verification Standards). Trust us – all locksmiths should get listed if not listed already. For more information call us at 855-411-5724 or email us at info@totalsmg.com.

We Need Your Help! 

The Locksmith Trade is in danger and we need your help to ensure the viability of the Locksmith profession for another 50 years and beyond.  There is strength in numbers, working together we will succeed. 


Money is being lost daily. What the scammers haven’t taken, the bad economy has. All legitimate and truthful locksmiths need to work together to protect the customers from the scammers in the industry. A scammer in our industry is an individual or company that uses false advertising to trick a customer and many times uses bait and switch practices once arrived to charge more money.


The scammers have organized on a national level and are increasingly efficient when it comes to advertising, capturing market share, central dispatch, lead farming techniques on the internet and group parts purchasing.

If you abide by the Fair Trade Locksmith Code, please join with us and counter these trends. We want every legitimate locksmith representing every State in the Country to have FREE verified Fair Trade listing. Help us reach all lock shops, spread the word and help your fellow locksmiths across the Country.


We as locksmiths have to overcome these problems:

  • The scammers who populate the search engines with false locations and fictional company names.
  • The search engines themselves who allow these listings without verification, aiding scammer activity.
  • The Economy, which has been under par for over seven years. These factors alone have reduced our business revenue by over 20%.

We need to make the phone ring!

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