Locksmith Warranty

Car Key Replacement

transponder-key-warrantyWhen replacing a car key, call a trusted and verified Fair Trade Locksmith.  Why? Because they can offer you a locksmith warranty on that expensive key fob, transponder key, chip key, or electronic car key.  Many people end up losing or breaking their car key within the first 12 months of getting it made by your local locksmith.  Instead of paying an additional $300-$400 for that key, ask about their warranty program and tell them you want the protection.

Looking for a locksmith warranty or a lost key warranty?  Our verified locksmiths believe in providing excellent service and high quality hardware, and now they can do that with the help of the Road Angel Network.  To find the closest locksmith, enter your zip code or location and we’ll find you a great locksmith that can answer all your questions.  The locksmith industry is always evolving, that’s why we created this professional locksmith directory.  There are hundreds of online ‘directories’ that contain false listings with inaccurate data.  We are locksmith industry insiders, so we know how to verify a locksmith properly.  We wanted to cut out the noise and show customers only true verified locksmiths.

Locksmiths today play a key role in providing security for your car, home and business.  Locksmiths are able to offer a huge array of services such as lock changing, lock rekeying, safe unlocking, door repair, door replacement, CCTV installation, Access Control installation, door frame repair, key cutting, and car key replacement.

Customer Service Is Key!

road-angel-locksmith-networkCustomers love knowing that their locksmith will stand behind their service, labor, and products. The team at Road Angel Network has crafted a locksmith warranty program to give customers added security on their expensive automotive key purchases.  The great part, it’s free for locksmiths to join, just like it’s free to Get Listed in Fair Trade Locksmith Directory. If you’re a locksmith and you’d like to know how it works please contact us or fill out this form.  Your customers will thank you for this exceptional product warranty.

Locksmiths are already using this service and love it because the customer is much more likely to agree to your automotive key pricing when they know they have protection embedded into their purchase.  This means more sales and a happy customer for life for the locksmith.